Have you heard of test.u – the app for orthosis knowledge on the go?

test.u is a learning app for those wishing to improve, deepen or enhance their knowledge. Available in German and English.

The app features about 260 specialist questions regarding craftsmanship and science. The clearly structured knowledge base is divided into six different chapters. Besides the category Basic Knowledge there are five more chapters representing the FIOR & GENTZ treatment concept:

  • Medical Patient History,
  • Planning the Orthosis,
  • Model Technique,
  • Producing the Orthosis,
  • Handing Over the Orthosis.

test.u not only offers the possibility to learn, but also to keep track of your learning progress at all times. You will receive an overview of all questions processed and the correctness of the answer. You can also test yourself by taking an app-internal test.

And there is more: You can take a 30-minute test as part of a workshop in Lüneburg (Germany) and receive a FIOR & GENTZ certificate as well as IQZ points (Germany only).

Download test.u for Android in the Google Play Store or for iOS in the Apple App Store for free and test your knowledge!