Cover Plate Pressing Aid for System Joints with Feather Keys

The system ankle joints NEURO CLASSIC-SWING, NEURO VARIO-CLASSIC 2, NEURO VARIO 2, NEURO VARIO-SWING, NEURO SWING-CLASSIC, NEURO SWING and NEURO SWING 2 have cover plates and joint’s upper parts which are connected to each other with the help of feather keys. This allows for an even higher load capacity of the system ankle joints. Furthermore, adhering the cover plate to the joint’s upper part is no longer necessary.

The effectiveness of the feather keys can only be guaranteed if you connect the cover plate correctly with the joint’s upper part. There must be no gap between the two system components, otherwise the countersunk flat head screws may loosen unintentionally, even if they have been tightened with the appropriate torque and adhered correctly. Make sure to clean the contact surfaces of the two system components beforehand.

In order to apply the necessary pressure to avoid gaps, the mentioned system joints come with a cover plate pressing aid consisting of a pressing screw and a washer. It is essential that you use it to press the two system components with the specified torque. Only then tighten the countersunk flat head screws with the specified torque. Use the cover plate pressing aid also for detaching the cover plate from the joint’s upper part during disassembly. By doing so, you can avoid damages to the system components. Proceed as follows:

  1. Unscrew both countersunk flat head screws.
  2. Place the washer on the cover plate and screw the pressing screw into the thread of the first screw. The pressing screw must not be screwed in completely (see picture).
  3. Push the joint’s upper part and the cover plate apart by exerting force on them as illustrated. This can be achieved by using a vice or by controlled knocks.
  4. Remove pressing screw and washer.