Production Technique Workshop "Production of a KAFO on a Positive Cast"

In this workshop, the entire production process of an orthosis is put into practice by producing up to two KAFOs. The basis is either the positive cast for the treatment of a patient or a foam model from FIOR & GENTZ. Depending on what you choose, the following applies:

  • You produce a positive cast of a patient's leg and bring it to the workshop. The negative cast must be produced with e-Cast. In exceptional cases, you can also bring only a negative cast. If you should not have an e-Cast at your disposal, please choose the alternative “We produce a sample orthosis based on a prepared foam model”.
  • A foam model is provided by FIOR & GENTZ to produce a sample orthosis. The system joints for the KAFO can be chosen from three possible joint combinations. The participant will then receive an offer.

This workshop is recommended for orthotists/orthopaedic mechanics with experience in producing orthoses.

This workshop can be attended by a maximum of six persons. Per workshop, two KAFOs can be produced. Two teams with up to three persons produce one KAFO each. If the teams are smaller and two orthoses are produced, it is possible to attend as onlooker.  

Workshop Registration KAFO

Workshop registration KAFO

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