Therapieschuhe Aufbau

Structure of a Therapeutic Shoe

Structure of a Therapeutic Shoe

Every therapeutic shoe has a special structure. Like that, you can react specifically to a clinical picture. Above all, the shoe's sole design is decisive as it determines the foot's heel to toe movement as well as how the foot is relieved.


Shoe base

Everything below the shaft is the shoe base. This includes insole, midsole and removable insole.


The insole is the shoe's basis. The shaft is, depending on the design, sewed to the insole.

EVA material

EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is foamed plastic which can be produced without softening agents or solvents. Thanks to its different shore hardnesses the material is quite versatile.


The outsole is under the shoe and in contact to the ground. It can have a variety of different properties, depending on the shoe's purpose.

Rocker bottom

The rocker bottom is crucial for the shoe's functionality. It acts like a flexible pivot point. The so-called roll-off edge determines when the foot's heel to toe movement is initiated.