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Handling the Shoe in Daily Life

Handling the Shoe in Daily Life

Walking with a therapeutic shoe is unfamiliar at first. A natural heel to toe movement of the foot is not possible in most cases. While using the shoe you should not drive a vehicle or ride a bike.

The therapeutic shoe's usage instructions should be strictly followed. You will always receive a manual together with your therapeutic shoe. If you have any questions, contact your attending physician or the medical supply store's qualified personnel.

Useful Life

In principle, you should wear the therapeutic shoe only for the duration of the treatment. The maximum useful life depends on your clinical picture and the treatment recommended by your physician or orthopaedic technician.

The maximum useful life begins the day the therapeutic shoe is given to you. Let your orthopaedic technician inform you and always observe the manual's recommendations.

TWINSHOE for Height Compensation

The difference in height between a therapeutic shoe and an everyday shoe can be quite big. As height compensation, a so-called TWINSHOE should be worn on the healthy foot. Thus, a pelvic obliquity and resulting postural deformities can be avoided.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is very important to check the therapeutic shoe every time before putting it on. Any foreign objects like small stones can cause wounds and have to be removed. Seams sticking out or constricting fasteners should also be avoided.

Clean the therapeutic shoe regularly. Remove deposits from e.g. scaly skin or hairs to avoid growth of germs and bacteria.

After taking the shoe off, place it opened widely. Like this, it can be aired and the formation of odour and moisture is avoided.


In case of heavy dirt or soiling, the therapeutic shoes can be washed in a washing machine at 40°. Use neutral soap or diluted vinegar. Close all zips and hook and loop fasteners and use a washing net.

Slight dirt can be removed with a soft brush or a damp cloth.


After washing, leave the shoe to air-dry. Stuff it with newspaper and place it in a warm, dry room. Do not use the tumbler and do not dry the shoe close to the heating.


For hygienic and orthopaedic reasons, worn therapeutic shoes should be disposed of as residual waste. After treatment, they cannot be used any longer, given to someone else or recycled.