Orthosis Shoe. Different.

CROSSROADS is an orthosis shoe, which was developed specifically for the demands and needs of people wearing orthoses. It was important to us that the shoe sits particularly well on the foot – with and without orthosis – and that it convinces with its modern style.

The orthosis shoe CROSSROADS is a perfect shoe for everyday life: casual, easy to combine, authentic look. In addition, CROSSROADS is a lace-up shoe, which is particularly important for adults in everyday shoes. This orthosis shoe combines the best features of Chelsea boots and boat shoes.

You can easily learn how to lace the shoe with only one hand by means of the Guide for One-Handed Lacing. Here, you can find a video as well as step-by-step instructions for the one-handed lacing.

Structure and Features

Style and Function for Everyday Life.

  • integrated, elastic textile material
    provides space without deforming the upper
  • elevated, anatomically formed upper edge
    for stability
  • heel strap
    for easily putting on and taking off the shoe
  • 2 removable insoles
    for flexible volume
  • multifunctional outsole
    protects from coldness and wetness, with slip-resistant, shock-absorbing tread

  • highest wearing comfort
    due to high quality leather as upper material and inner lining

CROSSROADS is available as a pair in four different combinations of the widths REGULAR and SLIM. This ensures an optimum fit for slender feet as well.
In order to determine the shoe size, please refer to the insole lengths which you can find in the leaflet.

    for normal feet with and without orthosis

  • REGULAR left, SLIM right
    for slender feet with orthosis on the left leg

  • SLIM left, REGULAR right
    for slender feet with orthosis on the right leg

  • SLIM
    for slender feet with orthosis without joints