Orthosis Configurator

Easy & Non-Binding

For planning an individual orthosis for patients with paralyses, we recommend using the Orthosis Configurator, which selects the ideal combination of system components based on patient data.

Moreover, by requiring precise information and using an elaborate calculating system, the Orthosis Configurator also gives recommendations for the:

  • orthosis construction;
  • system joints' functionality;
  • orthosis type as well as specific components;
  • system width (size) of the joints and corresponding components;
  • appropriate materials;
  • necessasry tools;
  • correct production technique and
  • depending on the chosen configuration way, further orthosis-specific details.

We assume full responsibility for the fracture of system joints or articulated system side bars within 10 years by using the Orthosis Configurator. Articulated side bars for knee orthoses are excluded hereof. For details and conditions, read our "General Terms and Conditions of Business Transactions".

Afterwards, use our online tutorials for constructing and producing the orthosis. From medical patient history to joint assembly, we provide you with step-by-step instructions containing all important steps.