Processing the Padding Material

incl. the Dummy for the Padding Material and the xDRY Towelling Padding Material

Laminated orthoses are padded on the inside. This ensures that the skin is comfortably bedded and does not directly come into contact with the rigid orthosis shell. It is also important that the padding is easy to clean and change.

As a template for the padding material, use the dummy for the padding material which has already been attached to the positive cast when modifying it. The dummy for the padding material gets its shape when the laminate parts are cut-out as it is cut-out at the same time.

In this online tutorial, we use the dummy for the padding material from our product range as well as the xDRY towelling padding material.

 Applying the Padding Material

Step 1/5

Use the dummy for the padding material for cutting an attachable padding material into shape for the orthosis. As attachable padding material, you can e.g. use the xDRY towelling padding material.

Step 2/5

Cut the padding material accordingly. If you use the xDRY towelling padding material, please note that the one side of the padding material has a velour coating and is meant for adhering the hook dots while the other side has a skin-friendly towelling coating which is meant for the patient’s leg.
Note: When you cut the material with pinking shears, you get a functional edge which does not need to be linked.

Step 3/5

Check the fitting of the padding material.

Step 4/5

Adhere hook dots to appropriate areas of the orthosis shells. Attach the padding material.

Step 5/5

You can wash the xDRY towelling padding material at 60°C. For hygienic reasons, we recommend to pre-cut at least one replacement padding. Thus, the patient always has a clean padding at hand.