Orthosis Configuration

After having talked to the patient in person and after having gathered all data by means of the medical patient history, it is time to plan the orthosis. The technician has to face different questions during this process:

  • How should the orthosis be constructed?
  • Which functions should orthosis and system joint be able to fulfil?
  • Which orthosis type is best suited for the patient?
  • How high is the load on the orthosis and all the system components?

For planning an orthosis, we recommend to always use the Orthosis Configurator. It helps you selecting the right system components and materials by requiring precise information and by using an elaborate calculating system.

You thus receive recommendations on:

  • orthosis construction,
  • system joint functionality,
  • orthosis type as well as specific components,
  • system width (size) of the joints and corresponding components,
  • appropriate materials,
  • necessary tools as well as a recommendation on the correct production technique.

At the end of a configuration, you can i.e. save and recommend the configuration result or put the required tools directly into the shopping cart. The Orthosis Configurator automatically supports you in creating a calculation as well as a summary of the configuration.

Enjoy all advantages of the Orthosis Configurator for planning every individual orthosis for patients with paralyses.