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In today’s issue, we present to you an exciting new function of our system ankle joints NEURO VARIO, NEURO VARIO-CLASSIC and NEURO VARIO-SPRING, which enables an easy converting: the plug + go modularity.

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System Ankle Joints with plug + go Modularity

Our system ankle joints NEURO VARIO 2, NEURO VARIO-SWING and NEURO SWING are equipped with the plug + go modularity, which means they can be converted quickly and easily. This gives you the opportunity to respond even more flexibly to the changing needs of your patients.

Thanks to the identical system stirrups, joint’s upper parts and assembly/lamination dummies, all functional differences remain in the cover plate. This allows you to combine one orthosis with three different system joints within a very short period of time.

You will find more information about the plug + go modularity in our leaflet. You can also watch a demonstrative video on our website on this new function.



Did you already convert a system ankle joint with plug + go modularity? We appreciate your feedback! Please contact our Technical Support at
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