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In today’s issue, we discuss an important topic regarding the system ankle joints NEURO VARIO, NEURO VARIO-CLASSIC and NEURO VARIO-SPRING: securing the adjusting screw. You can also find information on this in the respective manuals as well as in the online tutorial Joint Assembly NEURO VARIO-SPRING. In the following, we have gathered all steps about it for you.

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The adjusting screw must be secured in order to guarantee proper functioning of the system ankle joints and to prevent unintentional adjustment of the orthosis’ alignment. Especially for this purpose, the system joints are supplied with a premounted securing pin for the adjusting screw. If the adjusting screw turns or loosens, it must be secured again with the securing pin as follows:


  1. Unscrew the adjusting screw out of the thread. Demount the cover plate and drive out the premounted securing pin with a pin punch.
  2. Turn the worn position of the securing pin by about 90°.
  3. Put it in again and mount the cover plate.
  4. Now, screw the adjusting screw into the desired position. Additionally, secure the adjusting screw with LOCTITE® 243 medium strength. Let the adhesive harden for approximately 24 hours until it has reached its final strength.


If the securing pin is deformed because of the driving, put in a new one. If necessary, cut the new pin with a sharp knife so that it does not protrude. An additional security pin is included in the delivery.


Do you have any questions or suggestions concerning the securing of the adjusting screw or the use of the securing pin? We appreciate your feedback! Please contact our Technical Support at +49 4131 24445-0 or support@fior-gentz.de.