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In today's issue, as promised, you will receive information about the next system width of our NEURO SWING system ankle joint to be equipped with the new cover plate with feather keys. In addition, we will present to you a practical product change on our alignment screw.


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Your FIOR & GENTZ team


Product Change: Cover Plates with Feather Keys for the NEURO SWING System Ankle Joint 12 mm

After having equipped the system width 16 mm of the NEURO SWING system ankle joint, the system width 12 mm is now available with the new cover plate with feather keys as well. Thanks to the new cover plate, the system joint features even more stability and durability. Furthermore, the cover plate does not have to be adhered to the joint's upper part anymore.

We will inform you as soon as the next system width is equipped with the new cover plate with feather keys.



Product Change: Alignment Screw with Hexagon Socket Drive and Raised Countersunk Head


We have further developed the alignment screw of the following system ankle joints:



We have equipped the alignment screw with a hexagon socket drive. This allows an easier handling during assembly. Furthermore, the alignment screw now has a raised countersunk head. This prevents sharp edges of the thread of the screw protruding from the spring duct in case of extreme changes of the orthosis' alignment.

The new alignment screw is already available in the system width 14 mm. The development of the other system widths is almost complete. As soon as this is the case, we will inform you.

In the context of this product change, we have also adapted our spring unit case. In it, you will now find the matching hexagonal screwdrivers with spherical heads.

Do you have any questions or suggestions concerning our product changes? Please contact our Technical Support at +49 4131 24445-0 or