Dear Readers,

In today’s issue, we would like to present to you a product change concerning our popular NEURO SWING system ankle joint. We have further developed the cover plate with the aim of optimising the system ankle joint. Find out more about the benefits this product change offers you.

With best regards from Lüneburg,
Your FIOR & GENTZ team


Product Change: Cover Plates with Feather Keys for the NEURO SWING System Ankle Joint

We provide our NEURO SWING system ankle joint with even more stability and durability by replacing the cover plate with integrated connecting elements with a new cover plate with feather keys. This product change means that the cover plate is better protected against rotation. Another major benefit: Adhering the cover plate to the joint’s upper part is no longer necessary and the connection between cover plate and upper part is optimised.



If you purchase a NEURO SWING system ankle joint in the system width 16mm now, you will already receive the new cover plate with feather keys. The feather keys are firmly pressed into the joint's upper part. This product change will soon be realised for all system widths. We will inform you as soon as the next system width is equipped with the new cover plate with feather keys.

The joint's upper part has grooves that are compatible with the previous and the new version of the cover plate. If you purchase a replacement cover plate for an older NEURO SWING system ankle joint in the system width 16mm, you will receive a set including

• a new cover plate,
• two feather keys,
• an elongated bearing nut,
• an assembly/lamination dummy and
• an information sheet with instructions for the further procedure with the new feather keys.


Our Technical Support will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject. Call us at +49 4131 24445-0 or email us at support@fior-gentz.de.