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In today’s issue, you will learn about an update of the Expert app and the multi-purpose device for adjusting orthoses with a NEURO TRONIC system knee joint. The update provides a new function for patients with pathological rotation movements of the leg.

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Adjusting the Rotation Safety for Easier Unlocking

We have equipped our Expert app and our multi-purpose device with a new function: rotation safety. This function allows you to adjust the orthosis in a way that enables the system knee joint to unlock easier during rotation movements.



If the slider is set to 0, the system knee joint always locks reliably, even during extremely fast rotation movements. With this setting, the orthosis has a high stance stability as usual. However, if problems occur during unlocking due to unphysiological rotation movements of the patient’s leg inwards or outwards, it makes sense to adjust the settings for an easier unlocking of the system joint. To do so, move the slider in the right direction. With this setting, the stance stability will be slightly reduced.

Evaluate which setting is best suited for your patients. This function allows you to respond to the needs of your patients with NEURO TRONIC system knee joints even better.


Do you have any questions or suggestions concerning the rotation safety? We would like to get your feedback! Please contact our Technical Support at +49 4131 24445-0 or support@fior-gentz.de.